The History of ‘Hello, World!’ program

If you ever stumbled on any programming language tutorial regardless of your background, you certainly have already seen the “Hello, World!” written somewhere in the tutorials. It is considered a standard program for introducing a programming language to the students, wherein it simply prints “Hello, World!” to the console screen. It was first introduced in the introductory book on C: The C Programming Language which was written by Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie. It was written as “hello, world” (without capital letters or exclamation mark) in the book. As the book was considered the best introduction to the programming language (C; which was hugely popular in the era), since then it is used as the first program to introduce the basic details of a programming language whenever a programming language is being taught to students.

The above program was written for the original version of C, which was translated from a program written in A Tutorial Introduction to the Language B By Kernighan for illustrating external variables:

In modern C, the program can be written as follows:

Due to the rise in popularity of the “Hello, World!” program, many modern programming languages incorporate the program in a similar fashion, but with the addition of the sophistication or the style of the language. For instance, in Python you can write the program in a single line:

Overall, the “Hello, World!” program introduced a topic of interest to the programming enthusiasts who like to figure “everything” out.