This is the site for teaching you programming, including programming languages such as C/C++, C#, Java, HTML/CSS, etc, and basic concepts of programming, such as, variables, functions, OOP, etc. The purpose of this website is to make you happy when you do coding!

Programming or coding shouldn’t be boring, if that’s the case for you, then you aren’t doing it the right way! We believe that programming / coding knowledge should be free. We strongly believe that you do not need to be in a professional programming school to learn it, and even an average person with no background of software engineering can learn programming if he / she can be taught in the right way.

Considering the growing demand of programmers and programming jobs in the world, especially in the United States of America, we felt the need to provide a platform for young people who are interested in learning programming, but are afraid to know about it, because they get scared while looking at programming tutorials found on the internet. We hope that this platform will encourage them to learn programming, share the knowledge to others, and make their lives easier.

Which programming language will this site teach?

This site isn’t geared towards a single programming language, so it will teach you pretty much every programming language used in the industry. Since one of our aims to is to prepare our readers to apply for programming jobs, we prefer to write more on top programming languages, so that our readers are given the right tools for jobs.

Can I contribute my article on this site?

Yes, you can contribute your article if it’s belongs to programming niche. Your name (or the link to your homepage if it exists) will be written below the article if you are doing it for free. We might even hire you to write for us if we find your writing style compatible with ours. This is a great opportunity for you if you want to get recognition through guest posting on this site.

When was the site created?

This site was created at the end of 2014, and since then it is expanding very rapidly. It already hosts tons of articles / guides on programming. Our aim is to regularly write unique articles which readers can not find in other places. We assure that our content is of higher quality, so you get that feeling of happiness when you complete reading our programming tutorials.

Who’s behind the site?

This site is made up of a team of different experts on a variety of fields, such as, programming, software development, graphics designing, content writing, SEO experts, etc. While they are a bunch of really knowledgeable tech savants, they would rather stay under the radar and simply represent CMYH as a single entity.

What’s the reason behind the site / blog name?

We felt that non-programmers often find it so boring and depressing when they read programming tutorials online. We assert that our tutorials will make them happy, if it don’t, then they have the rights to complain us.

Contact us anytime you want. See our tutorials section. Feel free to poke around the site!