Java popularity rises to the top – Awarded “Programming Language of 2015” by TIOBE Index

Java programming language has been around since 20 years, when it first Beta version was released in 1995, which then followed by the official release of JDK 1.0 in 1996. Due to popularity of newly emerged languages (in its era) providing the similar features yet vast in feature-set — often fixing the bugs of old languages, programmers speculated long-ago that Java would lose its popularity and will soon be remembered by the people through the reading of history on programming languages. But, behold: the famous programming language popularity measure TIOBE programming community index has confirmed (through their findings of different programming languages searched by users on different search engines, such as, Google, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, etc.) that Java has risen to the top and beaten every programming language, including the languages of similar flavors (i.e., OOP languages like C#) and other languages (C, Python, PHP, etc.), proving that not only the language is less likely to die sooner, but provide enough applications for other purpose (web, desktop, etc.) due to its massive improvement in the feature-set… thanks to the recent release of JDK 8.0 (including its updates) in 2014-2015.

In January 2015, Java’s position was 2nd, but due to its rapid increase in the ratings within a year, it reached the 1st position, thus get awarded as “Programming Language of 2015”. TIOBE has a long history of awarding programming languages every year based on its rise in popularity with how much margin. As Java got a rapid rise in ratings, it makes perfect sense to call it “Programming Language of 2015”, thus enforcing the likelihood of a increase in its usage in the current year for different kinds of applications.

It would be intriguing for you to see C programming language at the 2nd position, which remained in the 1st position for the long-time despite the fact that there are countless other programming languages. The reason for C high popularity is due to the fact that it is still used as a beginning language in schools (thus students search it on search engines) and its use can be extensively found in developing other programming languages / libraries, including the programming in embedded systems and even the operating systems (i.e., Linux) that are written entirely in C.

What can we learn from it?

Even though, the TIOBE Index may have flaws in its measure of popularity of programming languages, it nevertheless shows the greater focus on the development of Java, its strong user-base and huge collection of libraries, which tell us to focus on it and learn more about it, which would probably help us in getting more jobs in programming. As our motto of this website is to make you happy (and smile!) when you do programming / coding, we will therefore focus extensively on Java tutorials from now on, assuring our readers that by visiting / reading our blog, they can have a good understanding / insight on the languages to make them capable to face every challenges in software niche.

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